Rai Abdullah Bhatti


Rai Abdullah Bhatti


Marital Status


Pindi Bhattia


Est. 1545


Dulla Bhatti was a legendary figure in Punjabi folklore who is said to have lived in the 16th century. He is celebrated as a Robin Hood-like figure who fought against the oppression of the wealthy and powerful, and helped the poor and needy. He was from Pindi Bhattian, Hafizabad, a small village located in the district of Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan.
According to legend, Dulla Bhatti was a Punjabi warrior and chieftain who lived during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He is said to have been from the area around Bhatinda in Punjab, specifically from Pindi Bhattian, Hafizabad, and to have led a band of followers who fought against the Mughal authorities and the wealthy landlords of the region. He is celebrated for his bravery, his sense of justice, and his compassion for the poor.
Dulla Bhatti is also said to have been a champion of the rights of Punjabi women, and to have rescued many young women from forced marriages and other forms of oppression. He is also said to have helped the poor by redistributing land and wealth. He was a symbol of resistance against the oppression and injustices of the Mughal Empire in the region of Hafizabad.
Despite the lack of historical evidence to support the story of Dulla Bhatti, he is remembered as a folk hero and symbol of resistance against oppression in the Punjab region. His legacy has been passed down through generations and his story continues to inspire the people of Hafizabad and beyond.