Nadeem Ahmed Sial


Nadeem Ahmed Sial


Marital Status



January 6, 1985


MSc. Mathematics

Meet Nadeem Sial, born on January 6, 1985, who works as a math teacher at Government College Hafizabad. He started learning at Govt High School Rasool Pur and then continued his studies at Government College Hafizabad. Later, he finished his math degree at Government College Lahore.

Now, Nadeem teaches math at Government College Hafizabad and runs his own academy called “Star.” He didn’t have an easy time during his early education, facing a lack of proper guidance. But he turned things around by working hard and proving that with effort, anyone can succeed.

Nadeem is not your typical serious teacher. He makes his classes lively and enjoyable, ensuring students don’t get bored. His friendly and straightforward style makes him popular among students. Beyond teaching, Nadeem also helps students outside the classroom, guiding them through challenges.

Nadeem’s story is one of simplicity and determination. He understands the struggles of students from similar backgrounds who may not have the right guidance. Despite facing challenges himself, Nadeem became a role model for his students, showing them that hard work pays off.

Through his academy, Nadeem is actively involved in shaping the futures of many students. He not only teaches math but also shares valuable life lessons from his own experiences. Nadeem Sial proves that with determination, hard work, and the right guidance, anyone can overcome obstacles in education.

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