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Khubaib Rasool




April 3



In the heart of Hafizabad, there’s a guy named Khubaib Rasool who’s making waves. Starting at Green Land School and later studying at places like Dar ul Madinah International Islamic School System and Crescent Public School, Khubaib completed his college education at Superior College in Hafizabad.

His journey reached a milestone when he earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Sargodha in 2017. But Khubaib is not just about academics; he’s a doer with several projects up his sleeve.

One of his cool projects is the “Rozgar Baithak – Institution of Digital Skills & Earning.” It’s a place where people can learn digital skills and find job opportunities, reflecting Khubaib’s commitment to helping his community.

Photography is another of his passions, leading to the creation of “Geek Studio,” where he captures beautiful moments at weddings. What sets him apart is his focus on both the bright and not-so-bright sides of life through his lens.

Khubaib is also an active part of “E-Rozgaar,” a government project helping people with freelancing skills. He shares freelancing tips through his YouTube channel, simplifying the learning process for others.

Back in Hafizabad, Khubaib goes the extra mile by organizing events and podcasting. These gatherings bring something special to the town, featuring successful people who share their stories. Through events and podcasting, Khubaib strives to motivate others to chase their dreams, creating an environment of inspiration and learning.

Inspired by Allama Iqbal and Mola Na Rumi, Khubaib often quotes them in his classes. Despite his serious approach to his goals, he remains a friendly guy who loves a good laugh.

Khubaib firmly believes in hard work and staying true to your path. He didn’t take shortcuts; he earned his success. Through his simple lifestyle and dedication, he’s proving to everyone in Hafizabad that dreams are achievable.

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